5Art Space x Xiao Yin Farm

In recent years, residency programs have become increasingly popular among artists and art institutions.Owing to the globalization, artists have chances to step out of their own countries, reacting with the culture shock from fresh experiences and produce more striking and refreshing works. Artists from different areas and fields gather together, share their experiences and harvest the fruits of their creativity.


Comparing with Beijing and Shanghai, the art ecosystem in Guangzhou might be less active. However, located in Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou enjoys the superiority of having a rich manufacture economy which offers a great variety of materials to produce art works. Additionally, Guangzhou is famous for its relaxing daily life, partly because of the local tolerant political atmosphere. In a word, Guangzhou is a perfect place for living and creating art.

Gull island is located in the southeast Guangzhou and at the river mouth of Pearl River. There are four villages on the island and residents there still remain the farming, fishing, hunting traditions and live a simple and humble life.XiaoyinFishing Farm sits in between the villages , equipped with fig farm and 18 resident studios and is run by  an experienced team. Established by XiaoyinFishing Lodge and 5Art Space,  this resident program aims to create a home for artists from all over the world. Artists can dwell among the locals, draw their inspiration from the living ways or take advantages of the natural scenes on the island. As art is closely intersected with life here , we hope more artistic ideas could be put into practice.
4.驻留项目并不与展览相连,在艺术家与画廊5art space的艺术总监达成共识的前提下,艺术作品才会得到展览的机会。
Program practice
Three rooms and studios are available monthly and 2-3 artists could be accommodated each term. Each resident length runs from 30 to 90 days. Each year 20-30 artists could register for the program.Thetraffic cost and living expense are excluded.(You may apply for longer stay if the planning is adequatea.)
An application system is adopted for the program.
During the residency, there will be assistants for communication demands. They will provide local art information and also accompany artists to the destinations when needed.
It’s necessary to hand in pictures of recent works , a CV and a proposal and schedule during the resident period when applying.
Temporarily there is no specific requirements for artists’ working proposal for the resident program. However, we highly encourage artists to combine their works with the local folk customs and living patterns.
The exhibition is independent from the resident program. Works will be given the opportunity of display if the artist and curator reach a consensus.
The resident program will set up our own website and Wechatplatform on which the information of the program will be regularly posted and enrollments will be proccessed.


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