Lives and works in London




Painting MA, Royal College of Art, London 2011 - 2013

Fine Art BA, Brighton University 1999 – 2002



Selected Recent Exhibitions



Sampler, Arcade Fine Arts, curated by Kristian Day, London UK - August

Artificial Arcadia, Bosse & Baum, London UK - April

Paper, Publication, Performance, Lychee One, London, April – May

Light For Company, Lychee One, London UK – January (Solo)


Carnival Glass, Block 336, London UK

A Crazed Flowering, Frameless Gallery, London, UK

Tales and Passions, Galerie Placido, Paris, FR


Studiolo #11 ‘One place or another’ Spazio Cabinet, Milan, IT (Solo)

100 Painters of Tomorrow, New York, USA

Elsewhere, (r)isse gallery & Transition Gallery, Varese, IT

East End Painting Prize, Bow Arts Trust, London, UK

Freya Douglas-Morris & Marita Fraser, Peter Von Kant Gallery, London, UK

Re-Define, Dallas Contemporary Museum, USA

Paper & Colour, Griffin Gallery, London, UK

The Catlin Guide, Art London, UK
















b. 1988, New York, NY

Lives and works in London

+44 7456 474644






2014-2016 MA Painting, Royal College of Art, London

2011 Advanced Painting Intensive, Columbia University, New York, NY

2006-2010 BS Studio Art, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY





2016 Atelier - und Galeriehaus Defet, Nuremberg, Germany (forthcoming)

Summer Blue, Lychee One, London

RCA Degree Show, Royal College of Art, London, Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

2015 Interyouth, The China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China

Crafted, Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

ScreenSaver, Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

Work-in-progress Show, Royal College of Art, London

2014 Access to Art, BronxArtSpace, Bronx, NY

2013 Peer Pressure, The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, NY

Bronx Calling: The Second AIM Biennials , Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY

2012 This Side of Paradise, No Longer Empty, Andrew Freedman Home, Bronx, NY

2011 Hot Ground, LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York, NY

2010 Senior Thesis Exhibition, Tang Teaching Museum, Skidmore College,

Saratoga Springs, NY

Juried Student Exhibition, Juror: Dawn Clements, Schick Art Gallery,

Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

2009 Spring Student Exhibition, S.A.C.I. Gallery, Studio Art Centers International, Florence

Juried Student Exhibition, Juror: Michael Oatman, Schick Art Gallery,

Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY





2016 da Vinci Painting Residency, Atelier-und Galeriehaus Defet, Nuremburg

Hine Painting Prize, RCA Degree Show, Royal College of Art, London

2012 Artist in the Marketplace, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY

2010 Student Opportunity Fund, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

Anne Reid ’76 Scholarship, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

Curatorial Projects

2016 video exhibition, Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

2015 Crafted installation collaboration, Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

ScreenSaver video exhibition, Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

Artist’s Talks

2016 4 Mar 2016, Modern & Contemporary Art, Christie’s Education




1980,广东惠来人,就读于广州美术学院,师从郭润文教授,范勃教授;后毕业于中国艺术研究院中国油画院研究生班,师从杨飞云教授。2012年出国进修于列宾美术学院,考察俄罗斯等艺术圣地,2014出国考察,游历于意大利等艺术圣地及学术交流 ,2015年 考察法国艺术圣地及学术交流。
2014年参加意大利斯波勒托艺术博览会 斯波勒托/意大利
2015年《大年初一》荣获第五届全国青年美术作品展 优秀奖(最高奖)
2015年《白墙灰瓦》获“江南如画”——中国油画作品展 颜文樑艺术奖(最高奖)/苏州美术馆
2014年《阁楼》入选第十二届全国美展 油画作品展/浙江美术馆
2014年《空房-5》获“中国梦.南粤心--第十二届广东省艺术节优秀作品展” 优秀奖/广东美术馆
2014年《邂逅左岸N02》入选“第三届全国(大芬)中青年油画展” /深圳大芬美术馆
2013年“星河展第68回”广东美术馆联展 /广东美术馆
2012年《空房》获“中国百家金陵”油画 金奖/江苏省美术馆
XU Yong-cheng,born in Huilai County of Guangdong Province in 1980, studied with Professor GUO Run-wen and Professor FAN Bo in Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts. And he studied with Professor YANG Fei-yun in graduate class in Oil Painting Institute of Academy of Arts of China,which he graduated there. Then, he continued to study overseas for his advanced art in Repin Academy of Fine Arts in 2012, studying and observing holy islands of art such as Russia. After that, he went abroad to study, traveled holy islands of art such as Italy and promoted his academic exchanges in 2014. In the recent year of 2015, he devotes himself to observe holy French island of art and to promote his academic exchanges as well.
Participating in “Observing and Studying, then Getting Knowledge”exhibition of Sino-French art and academic exchanges in 2015/ Shang City of Franch
Participating in Italy Paule Art Exhibition in 2014/ Paule of Italy
Participating Global Advanced Artistic Works Exhibition of Repin Academy of Fine Arts in 2012/ Repin Academy of Fine Arts.
Winning Excellence Award (the highest award) of the Fifth National Youth Art Exhibition with his The first day of the Chinese lunar year in 2015 
Being selected the fourth China Oil Painting Exhibition of the first section in 2015 : The Chinese Sense--mental image, namely, the academic research and development of contemporary Chinese oil painting/ China Oil Painting Institute
In 2015, his "White Wall & Grey Tile" was awarded with "Gangnam Picturesque" in Chinese Oil Painting  / Exhibition Liang Wenliang Arts Award/ Suzhou Art Museum
In 2015, his work "No.2 Silent Room" was selected to attend "The Best Painting in the Second Session of Chinese Youth Oil Painting Exhibition”/ National Art Museum of China
In 2014, his work "Meeting Unexpectedly in the Left Bank" was awarded with Excellence in the fourth session of "Exploitation and Discovery" Oil Painting Exhibition(The highest award is academic award and excellence award)/ Chinese Oil Painting Art Gallery
In 2014, his work "Garret" was selected to attend the Twelfth Oil Painting Works Exhibition/ Zhejiang Art Museum
2011-2012 就读于巴黎一大-索邦大学,图像与现行艺术专业,硕士文凭
2008-2010 就读于图尔宽高等造型艺术表现学院,硕士文凭
2006-2008 就读于图尔宽高等造型艺术表现学院,学士文凭
2000/2004 就读于广州美术学院油画系,获学士文凭               
06/09/2015-22/09/2015 “消浑曲”, 广州黄边站当代艺术研究中心
24/01/2012-04/02/201 巴黎MONALISA画廊32 ruedeVarenne,75007,Paris
08/04/2012-15/04/2012 [RéalitésNouvelles] 大展,ParcFloraldeParis
12/01/2012-4/02/2012  巴黎GRANDE’terna画廊,3,ruedeMiromesnil,75008,Paris
21/10/2011-03/11/2011 巴黎THUILLER画廊,13ruedethorigny,75003,Paris
10/04/2011-17/04/2011 [RéalitésNouvelles] 大展,àParcFloraldeParis
17/06/2010-20/06/2010  法国北部图尔宽的[AVOIR]展
20/06/2008-28/06/2008  法国北部Roubaix,POLEDESCHEPPER的[ailleurs,d’ailleurs] 展
28/09/2007-21/10/2007  广东美术馆第二届新青年大展“向前,向前,向前”
23/04/2004-23/05/2004  广东美术馆首届新青年大展
Lin RuiXiang 
Born in 1981
Currently living in Guangzhou, teaching at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts since 2013

2011-2012 University of Paris-Sorbonne, Major in Images and Current Art, Master Degree

2008-2010 Tulkau Advanced School of Plastic Art Performance, Master Degree
2000-2004 Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Oil Painting Department, Bachelor Degree
2015 Solo Project
06/09/2015-22/09/2015  “Chaos Tune”, Guangzhou HB Station Art Project,
Group  Exhibition 
24/01/2012-04/02/2012  Paris, MONALISA Gallery,32,ruedeVarenne,75007,Paris.
08/04/2012-15/04/2012  [RéalitésNouvelles] , Parc Floralde Paris
12/01/2012-4/02/2012   Paris GRANDE’terna Gallery, 3, ruedeMiromesnil, 75008, Paris
21/10/2011-03/11/2011  Paris THUILLER Gallery,13ruedethorigny,75003,Paris
10/04/2011-17/04/2011  [RéalitésNouvelles] Add:àParcFloraldeParis。
17/06/2010-20/06/2010  [AVOIR] exhibition, North Tourburn, French
20/06/2008-28/06/2008  [ailleurs,d’ailleurs] Exhibition of POLEDESCHEPPER, North Roubaix, French
28/09/2007-21/10/2007  Guangdong Museum of Art, 2rd the New Youth Large-scale Exhibition “Onwards! Onwards! Onwards!”
23/04/2004-23/05/2004  1st the New Youth Large-scale Exhibition, Guangdong Museum of Art