ArtBusan 2018

ART BUSAN 2018 is organized by Artshow Busan Association, Inc.

ART BUSAN aspires to create an active scene of exchange for international contemporary art centered on young artists, galleries and art connoisseurs in the international port city, while establishing Busan as the primary art market in Asia. Furthermore, ART BUSAN seeks to fulfill the long-term goal of educating the art community in order to aid the development of a healthier art market.




π-Dimension(formerly fiveart space)

Guangzhou π-Dimension Art CO.,Ltd.(formerly fiveart space)established in 2010.

For all these years we have spcialized in contemporary art and supported young artists who have great potentials.

We have been trying to provide high-quality,exclusive art exhibitions for the local audiences in order to influence,cultivate and promote build a good image and reputation for our compay through pushing forward the prosperousness of contemporary art in China.




Li Mingchang


1980  Born in Guangxi Province, China

2002  BA Oil Painting, The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (GAFA), Guangzhou, China

2007  MA Oil Painting, GAFA, Guangzhou, China

Now Teaching in GAFA


Solo Exhibition

2017  Floating as Latent,π-Dimension,Guangzhou,China

2016  Solo Exhibition Conceal Inspirationa ,L +SPACE ,Shanghai M50, China

Group Exhibition

2016  The 6th Academic Nomination Exhibition of Guangdong Art Insititute – Visual Production Artistic Labor Witnesses the Changes of Time,Guangdong Museum of Art,Guangzhou, China)

2014    Image’s Narratives: The 5th Exhibition of Guangdong Contemporary Oil Painting,Guangdong Museum of Art ,Guangzhou, China

2013    Freeze Frame 21 Moments: 2013 Young Artist Invitation Exhibition,South Art Museum ,Guangzhou, China

2012    Dispersion: Contemporary Art Exhibition,M50 DA DE TANG ,Shanghai, China

2011    Re-establishment: The Rising of Contemporary New Painting in China,Red Forest Art Space,Guangzhou, China

2008    Evolution: Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition,Doland Museum of Modern Art ,Shanghai, China

2007    The Present and Future of Contemporary Art in China,Ho-Am Art Museum ,Seoul, South Korea

            ASEAN-China Youth Artists Work Exhibition(The Year of Oil Painting) Silver Prize,Nanning Museum Nanning, China

            Youth Horizon: Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition,Elephant Art Space ,Beijing, China

            White Night: Group Exhibition,Montaigne Gallery Shanghai,China