和其光 同其尘
The Mysterious Agreement
王玺 Wang Xi
开   展:  2011年12月09日, 15:00 – 22:00
Opening:  2011.12.09, 15:00-22:00 
展览时间: 2011年12月09日—2012年2月18日
         (周二至周日 10:30-18:00 )
Duration: 2012.3.16-2012.5.16 (Fri.-Wed. 10:30am-6pm )
展览地点: 广州市天河区天河路365号天俊阁5层
Venue: 5F, No. 365 Tianhe Rd., Tianhe Dist., Guangzhou, Guangdong
Academic Host: Lu Mingjun 
策划 / 主办:5 楼艺术空间
Curated / Hosted by: 5 Art Space
2002年 “突发10.28”当代艺术展(成都)
2003年 铅锋体验素描六人展(成都)
2005年 四川省新人新作展(成都)
2007年 川音成都美院首届油画系学生年展(成都)
2008年 川音成都美院油画系毕业展(成都)
        今日美术馆 “青涩创想”2008艺术院校大学生提名展(北京)
        成都中联国兴书画院 “铭记5·12 重建精神家园”新加坡展(新加坡)
        第四届“农民街”当代艺术年展 暨北村艺术区首届开放展 (成都)
2009年 “过敏性”Y艺术组第一回展(成都)
        99起艺画廊 “红河起艺”台湾、昆明、重庆、成都当代艺术联展(蒙自)
2011年 A-7958画廊 “两岸思考,当代对话”作品展(台湾)
1982 Born in Panzhihua Sichuan Province
2004 Bachelor of Art-School of Oil Painting from Chengdu Academy of Fine Art
2005 Further education in Chengdu Academy of Fine Art
2006 Professional artist living in Chengdu
2002 “Breakthrough 10.28”Contemporary Art Exhibition (Chengdu)
2003  Sketch Pioneer Sextet (Chengdu)
          Contemporary Art Exhibition on Nongmin Street (Chengdu)
2007  Chengdu Academy of Fine Art Art Exhibition (Chengdu)
2008  Chengdu Academy of Fine Art Graduation Exhibition (Chengdu)
          Today Art Museum “Green Hope Project” Young Artists Exhibition (Beijing)
          5.12 Rebuilding Spirituality (Singapore)
2009 “Allergic” Y Group Exhibition (Chengdu)
         “Stopped Midway” Y Group Exhibition (Chengdu)
           Yi Art Gallery Chengdu Contemporary Artist Group Exhibition (Inner Mongolia)
2011  Gallery 7958 Cross-Straits Dialogue Exhibition (Taiwan)  
自  叙
WangXi’s Prologue
Like powerful forces, paintings should also be introverted. Rather than speaking out loud, thoughts are better to be hinted subtly.
Recently, I have been painting aimlessly, after putting an end to what’s standard, I was able to find myself once again, I wish to find a new point of view, for me, landscapes are merely an introduction, it has little to do with my sketches, my photos, even the subject itself. Why are we infatuated with landscape, what is it that catches our attention? I think it has more to do with inert emotions of wanting than the subjects themselves. Therefore, as long as these fictional landscapes keep this inert wanting, then, when looking at them, one can still consider these images to be “real”.
Over the recent years, I am used to painting with upwards and frequent brush-strokes; it feels as though detached from the subject. Its quite unsettling, but still I feel on course, I think it’s an outlook on life. It has nothing to do with what’s realistic, has nothing to do with what’s presented, it even has not much to do with emotions. What remains of the orderliness does not represent what’s “beautiful”, those not so beautiful brush strokes and blank spaces can be repeated until they form a new order on the canvas. Loneliness will enlarge itself, repeated doubts will become the norm, and maybe this is how society works.
Images have become abundant in this age, it had also crafted my initial creative thoughts. My dependence upon photography is very low, sometimes I would even doubt photographs. When I use photography, I would distort them and only keep the most primitive. Sometimes I would use imagined landscapes. I think it’s necessary to maintain in control. Images are amputated sensory nerve-ends of contemporary art. Therefore, for art, where the true “shape” or “form” is hidden, where can one find the substance that surpasses the realistic, even where the medium is able to eliminate the ‘core’ itself.
Wang Xi
Friday 25th Nov 2011