邓咏燊 Vince
主办:5Art Space
Hosted by : 5Art Space
Artist: Vince
Venue:3rd flood,No.9 Xuguyuan Road,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou
Duration:15/01/2017-11/03/2017(Web.-Sun. 11:00am-19:00pm)
Opening:15:00-18:00 Jan.15th
  • 作品将对图像与时间关系的反思作为绘画主要关注的问题。
  • 使用一系列最基本的材料, 将画稿/蓝图的概念理解为对创作完成化的一种抵抗,把画稿/蓝图本身作为本体的,最纯粹的目的,展现的是个人体系化的各种绘画,碎片,以及摄影成像的收集,发生和呈现。
  • 不同视觉领域例如现代主义电影,早期摄影,和东方书籍装裱中具体化而来的意识空间构成了作品物质上的隐喻,而同时,坐落在一个具有建筑意识的排列与集合中。
  • 视觉语言上的正像与反像的互译构成并叙述了图像间抽象与具象的关系。
  • 空间中的墙,地上的搁板,恰恰强调了它们作为这些微妙排列中一种建筑载体的存在。
  • 当代艺术环境对作品论述题材的依赖性,作品文字化的急迫性,以及作品形式上数字化的同步与盲从,急需一种反思。在当前趋于饱和选择的时刻下,展览对感官体验提出了间接的疑问。
  • 此次展览的作品围绕一系列片段化的匿名景象,试图在纸上定义绘画,也是对萨特《恶心》中的“恩典时刻”的一种重新注视。
The work takes the reflection of image and time as the means of painting. Using a range of basic materials, the work understands the ideas of drafting/planning as a state resisting the actualization of artwork, as the preserved terminal in itself. The results are the producing, collecting and display of various personal systems of drawings, fragments, and photographs/stills. The graphic spaces incarnated from different imagery disciplines such as modernist cinema, early photography, eastern folio making constitute the materialistic metaphors of the work, while simultaneously situated in an architecturally conscious constellation and assemblage. Wall and wooden floor penal are the predominant carriers of the highly sensitive and nuanced arrangements, framed by precise lines and distances.
Aware of the discourse imperative and technological synchronization of current artistic production, the work articulates a counter example of aethestic experience, in the state of great transportation and multiple cultural choices.
A recent body of work circles the image of detained, anonymous landscape. Looking towards the “privileged moment” in Sartre’s Nausea, the work discreetly warns the happening of situations.
2013-2016  牛津大学,皇后学院,艺术,本科
10/2016   “十月”, 与Frank Pinsent联展,海豚画廊,圣约翰学院,牛津,英国
06/2016   “Ruskin.Show”, 牛津艺术本科毕业展, 拉斯金艺术学院,牛津,英国
05/2016   “Visiting Hours”,皇后学院展,拉斯金艺术学院,牛津,英国
06/2015   “纸上画”,个人作品展,海豚画廊,圣约翰学院,牛津,英国
05/2015   “Day Rattle”, 群展,沃斯特学院船屋,牛津,英国
03/2015   “海豚艺术周”,与Olli Bass联展,海豚画廊,圣约翰学院,牛津,英国
Yongshen Deng
Born in 1993
2013 - 2016  
Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, University of Oxford (Queen’s College) BFA Fine Art
10/2016   “October”, with Frank Pinsent, Dolphin Gallery, St. John’s College, Oxford, UK
06/2016   “Ruskin.Show”, BA graduate degree show, Ruskin School of Art, Oxford, UK
05/2016   “Visiting Hours”, Ruskin School of Art High Street, Oxford, UK
06/2015   “Drawing on Paper”, solo show at Dolphin Gallery, St. John’s College, Oxford, UK 
05/2015   “Day Rattle”, group show at Worcester College boathouse rooftop, Oxford, UK
03/2015   “Dolphin Art Week”, showing with Ollie Bass at Dolphin Gallery, St. John’s College, Oxford, U.K