熊炜 Alvin Xiong

E=hv 光↔人类视觉

主办:5Art Space




E=hv Light↔human vision

Hosted by:5Art Space

Venue:3rd flood,No.9Xuguyuan Road, Yuexiu District,Guangzhou



熊炜 Alvin Xiong
2015 艺术硕士毕业, Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland (奥克兰大学艺术学院), 新西兰
2012 当代艺术理论和当代艺术史证书课程,Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design, 奥克兰, 新西兰
2011 毕业于广州美术学院油画系,GAFA,中国
从过去的几十年直到现在,不断有当代艺术家在他们的作品中,探索如何使用光作为一种媒介,与不同的空间相融合去创造一个有独特气氛的环境。 在我个人看来,这个由艺术家所创造出来的空间,更像是一个古代具有崇拜色彩空间的延伸,在这个属于光和生命的空间里,观众不仅能感受到光的力量,而且能够专注的冥想,静心的探索以及身临其境的去感受生命与光的联系。如,James Turrell(詹姆斯·特瑞尔)的The Roden Crater Project项目,Nancy Holt(南希·霍尔特)的Sun Tunnels项目和Olafur Eliasson(奥拉维尔·埃利亚松)的The Weather Project项目。
在5Art Space的这个项目中,我尝试用光制造不同的空间,带领观众在日常之外感受光与他们自身的联系。
Artist Statement
In this exhibition, we use a new perspective to explain the concept: E(light), h=human, v=vision.
Light, life and space have been involved together for millennium since ancient civilizations.
Light reflects life is changing. Without light, we would be in darkness; without light, we would not realize time is passing away, without light, we would not see anything clearly.
The sanctity of light is one of the most ancient and persistent themes within sacred art and architecture – a concept associated with the cultural structure and the religious ritual of Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, and Mayan as well as Aztec civilizations. Human being needs to find a way to worship the power that they believe coming from their gods. And light has a particular materiality, in connecting life to the touch of an unknown field.
During past decades up until now, contemporary artists have used and are using light as a medium in their art making. Artist not only integrates light and space to create a unique worship-space for engaging the viewer to have an immersive experience of the power of light, but also for the viewer to concentrate on exploring and meditating the connecting between life and light in the particular space. Such as James Turrell’s monumental The Roden Crater Project, Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels and Olafur Eliasson’s The Weather Project.
In this 5Art Space project, I investigate using light to create a unique space that leads the viewers to experience the connection between light and themselves.
Alvin Xiong